When Toys “R” Us asked

When Toys “R” Us asked me if I would help them make their next 40+ commercials , I enthusiastically said yes. The very next thing I did was pick up the phone to call Eric Miller Animation and asked “how are we gonna do this?” Eric himself was on-set every day of our live-action shoots, and there for the next six months of post production. It was an epic undertaking.

Daniel Hashimoto - Creator | Action Movie Kid

There very well may not have been Christmas this year if not for Eric Miller’s steady hand on the reins. Eric Miller and the team at Eric Miller Animation played an invaluable role in putting the magic in our 2014 Toys R Us Holiday campaign. With over 80 spots in 2 short months, each requiring photo real 3d and character animation to breathe life into magic imaginations, the ask was truly immense. Eric Miller’s experienced professionalism, coupled with a talented and scalable team helped us easily and responsibly manage the ongoing flux that defines a mercurial holiday retail environment. From late season offer and product changes to unplanned branding needs, the team was regularly relied on to exceed expectations, and to do so within reasonable budget parameters and under impossibly short timelines. Santa could not have delivered a better Holiday partner.

Kent Kwiatt - Executive Producer | The Escape Pod