Honda: Navigation - 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show


We had the amazing opportunity to work with Alpine Electronics on some projects for Honda.  This was the first project we worked on for them, and it was for the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show.  They wanted our help creating a cool looking navigation system to run on their display at the convention.  

We only had a little more then a month to do all the work, and we needed to create a 3D animation of a 2 minute drive through of the streets of Los Angeles to the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Our first challenge was creating all the city and street models for the 3,600 frame drive through the city.  The next challenge was trying to lock down the "cool" look the client wanted.  With all the asset building, design iterations, and the extremely tight deadline it required some long days for our team.  When the dust settled we were able to get everything done and deliver on time.


Client: Honda
Agency: Alpine Electronics
Art Direction: Eric Miller Animation Studios
Producer: Eric M. Miller
Modeler: Linda Kurgpold
Lighter: Marko Mandaric

While we are unable to share the final video, here are a few of the test iterations which did not make it into the final video.

Eric M. Miller

Eric is the CEO, and Executive Producer of Eric Miller Animation Studios.