Jesse Boykins III "Earth Girls" Music Video

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Wrong Creative reached out to us to do the animation and visual effects in Jesse Boykins III's music video "Earth Girls", directed by Christine Yuan.  Our task was to create a CG tree which would grow in two of the shots.  The challenge was a very limited budget, an extremely tight deadline, and the production needed to happen over the Christmas holiday break. We're always up for a change, so we agreed to help them out.  We were able to pull it all off, and had a great time in the process.


Music Video: "Earth Girls"
Label: UMG/Def Jam
Musician: Jesse Boykins III
Client: Wrong Creative
Director: Christine Yuan

Eric Miller Animation Studios
VFX Producer: Eric M. Miller

Shot 2_ Grow branch.png

Eric M. Miller

Eric is the CEO, and Executive Producer of Eric Miller Animation Studios.