The best animation blurs the line between fantasy and reality, transforming static illustrations and clusters of pixels into living characters, landscapes, and stories.

Great stories do more than grab your attention. They pick you up, carry you away, and set you down in the middle of that story. That is why our logo is a ship sailing to the moon. We want our stories to bring every viewer onboard with us as we set sail for the moon.

We hope you enjoy these videos, and we hope to set sail with you soon!


Bink is our first 3D animated short which is about a curious creature that was captured and brought to a testing facility where the scientists perform experiments to learn more about him.  Bink gets a rude awakening as the new arrival at the laboratory before testing begins. The episodes in this web series are each very short glimpses as we learn more about this little creature.

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for Future of Play

Future of Play is a startup toy company, and they asked us to do a low-budget 3D animated web series to coincide with the release of their new toy-line, MagicMeeMees.  This has been a fun project to work on, and looking forward to sharing more of the episodes as we finish them.

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Toys'R'Us & The Escape Pod

When The Escape Pod Ad agency hired us to produce VFX for a national Toys“R”Us  campaign, we were thrilled to count one of the world’s largest toy companies as our first client. It was also quite an honor to collaborate with the brilliant Director and VFX genius, Daniel Hashimoto, creator of the immensely popular Action Movie Kid YouTube web-series.

Toys”R”Us liked our work so much they hired us again for their 2014 Holiday Ad Campaign. In a few months, we delivered 25 VFX vignettes incorporating motion graphics, puppetry, and CG Animation in a campaign that Nielsen nominated among the Top Five Most Memorable of 2014.  

Nielsen Top 10 Holiday-Themed Ads

While proud of the Nielsen nomination, we take greater pride in delivering exceptional service to an extraordinary toy company.

Check out these videos to see our service and quality in action.

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DreamWorks Animation

Before founding his own studio, Eric worked at DreamWorks Animation for almost 7 years in a variety of production management roles.  Starting as a Production Coordinator on Monsters vs Aliens, Eric finished his successful run at DreamWorks Animation as a Production Supervisor on the movie Home.

Here are some memorable projects Eric worked on at DreamWorks Animation.

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