YouTube Animation Channels - February 2018 Edition!

Hey YouTube fans, it's been a while! There are so many great YouTube animation channels out there, so I couldn't fit them all in one post! But here is a few that differ in style and animation, let us know which ones you enjoy the most in the comment box below!


1. TheOdd1SOut


Views: 894,809,978
Subscribers: 5,883,034

The creator of TheOdd1SOut, James, brings us about 2 videos per month using only Paint Tools Sai and Adobe Premiere! Very simple, but relatable, to us at least but to his characters not always so much in the humorous way they present the topics. His animations about everyday life, like "Buying Clothes", his latest animation on YouTube!


2. Element Animation


Views: 577,858,496
Subscribers: 2,325,869

The 2-5 animated shorts brought to you by Element Animation are created by a small team of artist's and animators! Their animations include many comedic ones, based on "Minecraft".  They also started a series called "The Crack", with their latest animation being "The Whole 12 Days of the Crack", their Christmas special!


3. Shut Up Cartoons 

Views: 335,536,254
Subscribers: 2,023,342

Smosh creates a little bit of everything, including games, music, forums, but we're here to talk about their YouTube channel Shut Up Cartoons! Each season has a different theme, from babies to superheroes, and I quote "they are much funnier when viewed a second time." Though it's been a while since they've released a new animation, you can still watch "Our Future Self?!", their latest!


4. ExplosmEntertainment


Views: 2,073,478,601
Subscribers: 7,902,529

With themed days of the week ExplosmEntertainment brings us "Channelate Shorts" Monday,  and "Cyanide & Happiness" minis, shorts and compliations on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If you thought you can never have a "Spider Friend", check out the latest "Happiness and Cyanide Short"! You can also check out their comics here!


5. Jaiden Animations


Views: 356,759,530
Subscribers: 3,443,205

 Jaiden Animations uses Paint Tool Sai or Clip Studio, along with Adobe Flash for her animations. Her and her sidekick, Ari, will take you on adventures like...learning how many different kinds of apples there are in the world! If you want to know "How to Make Life More Interesting", check out Jaiden's latest animation!


Stayed tuned for more of these lists or what else is going on in the world of animation on all our social media platforms!