Talent Spotlight: Martina Rosazza B.

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We wanted to spotlight one of our amazing artists who we’ve been working with over the last few months. Please allow us to introduce you to Martina Rosazza B. She is creating fun, beautiful and imaginative worlds through concept design and illustrations for us.

Martina grew up in Tanzania and spent her childhood in Italy. She always loved creating art but never quite thought it could become a job. Fascinated by the art of storytelling she earned her first bachelor´s degree in literature from an Italian university, and started working as a part-time children´s book writer for a small publisher in Milan. During this time she had a chance to learn about illustrating children’s books and got more and more interested in creating art, together with stories.

Concept art Martina did for Eric Miller Animation

Concept art Martina did for Eric Miller Animation

After earning her first degree she decided to get a second one, this time with a focus on art. In order to make the most out of her art school experience she decided to attend Tokyo Designer College in Japan, a country known worldwide for its animation industry. Here she majored in animation on a scholarship. Right after graduating she had a chance to intern at The Monk Studios in Thailand. This experience helped her create a portfolio strong enough to get hired as a character art intern at The Walt Disney Company Japan, in Tokyo. She then moved on to an internship as a character artist where she was able to work for Disney both in Japan and Germany. Martina did all this before becoming an artist for NBC Universal. 


These days she is busy doing character art, and her illustrated fairy tales which have won two national prizes in Italy. Martina continues to focus on expanding her skills in background painting and visual development.

We are very excited to be working with her, and look forward to sharing the amazing work she does for Eric Miller Animation.


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Eric M. Miller

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