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Eric Miller Speaks at Dreamworks Animation!

Eric Miller spoke about his journey as CEO of Eric Miller Animation Studios to a packed room at Dreamworks Animation Wednesday afternoon. His talk covered the learning curves of starting your own animation company, the triumphs he's had so far, as well as the specifics of major client successes. 

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Eric explained to the crowd how his first client project with Toys R Us came with ease thanks to a friend, and how at the time he believe landing client projects would be simple! He soon realized landing great client partnerships takes strategy and persistence. Since Toys R Us, Eric's team has also successfully partnered with The Future of Play on MagicMeeMees. Jared White, the Director of the MagicMeeMees webseries also spoke to the DWA crowd about his experience with the project. He explained that although the project had a tight budget, he believes that "creativity thrives on limitations" and felt they were still able to deliver.


Eric also spoke to the crowd about the company’s own IP, Bink. With the help of Eric's hand selected team (some in attendance, and pictured below), Bink, our favorite little yellow creature took a year and half to create! And although Eric admitted that client projects typically take priority in his workflow, he hopes to release more videos of Bink soon!

L to R: Graham Cunningham, Linda Kurgpold, Jared White, Eric Miller, Violette Sacre, Valerio Fabbretti

L to R: Graham Cunningham, Linda Kurgpold, Jared White, Eric Miller, Violette Sacre, Valerio Fabbretti

During the Q&A, there were a lot of really great questions, and many of them were directed at Eric on starting and running his own company. Eric explained how the company is setup as a virtual studio meaning there is no actual studio location.  His entire team works remotely from their own homes using email, phone call, Skype, Dropbox, and Shotgun to perform dailies, and other reviews.  Eric also explained his current plan of bringing in more client projects to help pay for the creation of their own content like Bink.  Eric was very honored to be invited back to the DreamWorks Animation’s campus to be able to share what him and his team has been work on.