Attack of the Remakes!

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of contracts being signed as your favorite and beloved movies are being remade in Hollywood. Studios for some time now have been trying to get audiences back in theaters since streaming services like Netflix have taken a chunk of the industry.

With the latest remakes like Ghostbusters and Ben-Hur, audiences are torn between watching the latest flicks in the theater or watching retro movies in the comfort of their home. It’s getting tougher too, as it was announced that Netflix will be getting the entire Disney library streaming right to your phone this fall. Coupled with the fact, ticket prices have slowly been rising. Rarely can you catch a movie for under $20, topped with $15 worth of popcorn/soda, wasting gas driving to the theater and finding parking during a busy night. Before you know it, staying home doesn't sound half bad.

I remember when you could see a trailer for a remake and people were generally excited, you could hear murmurs of couples already planning their next movie date. Today, remakes are given the obvious sigh and chuckle as audiences want more from Hollywood. People are still debating whether 3D movies are even worth the cost. When 3D was introduced it was temporary, but now it’s become a permanent staple at the theaters that drives up ticket costs and drains consumer’s wallets.

Hollywood is always trying new things to draw audiences back and you can bet if it was popular then, they’ll try to make it popular now. Do you think remakes are the answer? Has streaming services like Netflix encouraged you to stay in more? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to share if you enjoyed this article.

Animation Studios of the Past: Part 1

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana

For animation studios like us, it’s important to acknowledge animation studios of the past, learn from their journey as a business, and learn why they are no longer here. This is part one of a series that we'll be revisiting on our blog from time to time. Today we’ll be looking at studios that all have some sort of relation to Disney.

Laugh-O-Gram Studio

This was Walt Disney’s first Animation Studio and housed many great animators. Disney said that this was the place that inspired him to create Mickey Mouse, he was inspired by a mouse at his desk at Laugh-O-Gram. The studio signed a contract with the company Pictoral, for 6 animated shorts. Pictoral was going to pay Laugh-O-Gram $11,000 but only paid $100 upfront. Pictoral went bankrupt and the studio fell into financial problems. Disney continued to make cartoons but rather than paying off his creditors, decided to invest his profits in upcoming projects. The studio went bankrupt in 1923. The former studio building is in Kansas City, Missouri and is going to be converted into a museum where many of the original cartoons will be screened. 

Skellington Productions

Skellington Productions was a company between Tim Burton, and Henry Selick. The company specialized in the stop-motion style of animation. The production company was only around for two films, The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and The Giant Peach. The company was sold to Disney in 1992 before James and The Giant Peach was released in 1993. James and The Giant Peach was a hit but didn’t make enough of a profit. 

DIC Entertainment

DIC was founded in Paris but the American arm, DIC Enterprises was founded in Burbank. This studio was responsible for films like Inspector Gadget and Dennis the Menace. DIC became a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company in 1996. It wasn't until 2008 that DIC was acquired by Cookie Jar Entertainment. 

Sullivan Bluth Studios

This studio was founded by Don Bluth who worked at Disney and created his own animation studio along with other ex-Disney workers. His animation studio went bankrupt in 1984 and he co-founded Sullivan Bluth studios in 1985. The studio is best known for features like All Dogs Go To Heaven and Land Before Time. Funding was withdrawn from the studio due to poor box-office profits and over-spending on production budgets. The studio was continually suffering losses at the box-office and eventually decided to shut down in 1995.

These studios have all left some kind of impact on the animation industry. We were anxious to learn why the studios were no longer around, and what some of their biggest accomplishments were. Many of the studios did poorly at the box-office and were not able to make enough of a profit off of their work. Others decided to strategically disband and go pursue other ventures, while other companies got acquired by larger studios. Have you had any experiences with the above studios? We'd love to hear about it, please comment below! 

10 Things You Might Have Missed in Animated Feature Films

One thing that big studios like Disney and Pixar like to do when creating their films is leave hidden messages. These messages are often in reference to past films the studio created or sometimes reference an upcoming film. We bet you'll want to watch these movies again after we fill you in on these secrets. Here are some things you might have missed when watching some of your favorite Disney and Pixar Movies.


Have you ever noticed that when the Sultan is stacking his toys there's a plush animal toy that's of The Beast from Beauty and The Beast?

Princess and the Frog

Look closely at the rug this woman is holding in the scene from The Princess and The Frog.. Yep, you guessed it, that's the rug Magic Carpet from Aladdin.


You might catch a familiar face sitting up above Flynn Rider in Tangled. It's one of our favorite characters who can never tell the truth, Pinocchio! 

Lilo and Stitch

There are two different references to Disney's Mulan in Lilo and Stitch. One of the restaurants on the street is named Mulan Wok and the poster in Nani's bedroom is from the movie!

The Little Mermaid

You may see some familiar faces as King Triton addresses his fellow merpeople. Even these Disney classics feature references to other characters. Can you spot Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey in the crowd? 


The animals in the jungle have collected all kinds of trinkets, and you might recognize a couple from Beauty and the Beast. In this scene you can see Mrs.Potts and and her son, Chip!


When Ana and Elsa open up the gates to the castle, everyone attends! This includes Flynn Rider and Rapunzel!


This mostly-silent film features one of our favorite toys from the Pixar classic, Toy Story. Can you spot Rex?

Toy Story 2

Speaking of Toy Story, as Mr.Potato Head reads this book to the other toys, you can spot characters from A Bugs Life!

Pizza Planet Truck

This truck just keeps on popping up! Pixar has featured the Pizza Planet truck in almost every movie! What other movies have you spotted it in?