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Highest Grossing & Rated Animated Holiday Films

With the Holidays upon us, we thought it'd be fun to explore the highest grossing and highest rate animated holiday films of all time. Some of these films are Christmas staples, while others may surprise you. Lets take a look!

Arthur Christmas

arthur christmas

Box Office: $46.5 million

Arthur Christmas, released in 2011 is a British-American Christmas Comedy. The film features clumsy Arthur, Santa Claus' son, who is determined to deliver a lost present to a child. The fun film was well received by critics who "praised its animation and humorous, smart and heart-warming story". Although the film did not win many awards, it made up for it in the box office.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

a nightmare before christmas

Box Office: $73.8 million

Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christma was released in 1993. The dark musical animated film was created with stop motion animation. The film is a story about a Halloween Town resident, Jack Skellington who stumbles into Christmas Town and decides to celebrate the holiday. The film has gained widespread praise for its creative story and iconic animation.

A Christmas Carol

a christmas carol

Box Office: $137.8 million

Disney's A Christmas Carol was released in 2009. The film, which was an animated adaption of Charles Dickens novel, stars Jim Carrey as grumpy Scrooge. Although the film received mixed reviews due to its dark animation, A Christmas Carol still topped the box office for weeks after its release.


The Polar Express

polar express

Box Office: $183.4 million

The Polar Express film, released in 2004, was adapted from the children's book with the same name. The film, which stars Tom Hanks, uses a live action performance capture technique to animate the humans. The film, which is recognized for being "visually stunning" is the highest grossing animated holiday film.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

charlie brown christmas

TV Special on CBS

A Charlie Brown Christmas first premiered on CBS in December of 1965. The TV special was based off the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M Schulz. The film beautifully follows depressed Charlie Brown who learns to find the joy in the holiday through directing his school Christmas play. The critically acclaimed film has won several awards, including an Emmy and Peabody Award. The film has been annually broadcasted on TV since its premiere and 50 years later, still receives high ratings.

Happy Holidays!