New Studio from "Brave" and "Enchanted" Director Faces Uncertain Road Ahead


With all the talk of Walt Disney acquiring 20th Century Fox, most attention has been focused on big ticket items like James Cameron's Avatar franchise, or the remaining Marvel heroes being brought into Disney's umbrella. In the animation industry, many have been focusing on Fox Broadcasting's animation heavyweights like Family Guy or The Simpsons, and Blue Sky Studios. However, something else no less notable is getting shuffled into the mix here: a new studio coming from industry veterans Brenda Chapman and Kevin Lima named 'Twas Entertainment.

Chapman and Lima, a married pair, carry quite a long portfolio behind them. Chapman was an in-betweener on Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, directed both The Prince of Egypt and Brave, and provided story art for titles like The Little Mermaid and The Road to El Dorado. She's had writing credits on Brave, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and more. Her experience with some of the leading feature animation companies will surely get name recognition for the new studio. 


Lima's filmography also contains very impressive titles. He directed A Goofy Movie, Aladdin, and Enchanted. Before that he designed characters for The Brave Little Toaster, The Little Mermaid, and The Rescuers Down Under. Between the two of them, they've had plenty of experience with some of the most high-profile movies to be released in the 1990s. 

Twas Entertainment 1.jpg

As for Twas Entertainment itself, there's not too much information so far. The pair has said that their goal is to produce "family films with big heart, infectious humor and genuine intelligence." We do know that it's going to produce a combination of animated, live-action, and hybrid films. We also have a first project: The Cartoon Touch, written by both, with no plot details divulged yet. It may be a while yet to see more details, but it's certainly a title to watch. 

However, all these plans may yet be disrupted. The cited story above dates from July 23, four days before shareholders of Disney and Twentieth Century Fox voted to merge. This matters because 'Twas Entertainment currently holds a first-look deal with Fox. Might that deal complicate in the looming buyout? It's tricky to say, but if everything works out we could have a few gems coming our way in the future from Chapman and Lima.

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