arthur de pins

Variety’s 2017 10 Animators to Watch: Arthur de Pins

A few weeks ago Variety came out with their Top 10 Animators to Watch in 2017. We were impressed with their selection and wanted to begin profiling the animators along with their work on the blog! First up we have Arthur de Pins, a french animator and cartoonist. 

Arthur de Pins has made several successful shorts, TV pilots, animated commercials, and character designs. His career took off when he began creating comics and became known for his expressive characters and colorful scenes. 

His first comic series was called Péchés Mignons, which followed the love adventures of Arthur and Clara. The graphic novels gained popularity among young adults in France. 

After several years of cartooning, he decided to turn to animation and created his first 5 minute short called The Crab Revolution. A story about a tragedy that affects a species of crabs, and they can't turn back to their colony and need to find a new leader. The short is in black and white, yet still has style. 


Pins most recent piece of work is Zombillenium, his first feature, which released last month at Cannes. The film was applauded for its impressive animation and design. The Hollywood Reporter noted that the film had "dazzling visuals, a hyper-seamless melding of 3D rendering and 2D design that extracts lines and shadows from the figures but still has an extraordinary fluidity". 

With all his international success, we're not shocked Arthur de Pins was considered one of the top 10 animators to watch in 2017.