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August Showcase of Popular Animation Channels on YouTube

This week we are showcasing YouTube Animation channels that are selected based on their high viewership and subscribers!



Views: 437,709,191
Subscribers: 2,806,746

A self-taught animator who recently started taking animation classes so he can continue to make people laugh. His animations are mostly based on "Minecraft", and as he develops his skills, his style is expanding! 

Watch his animation about a walk through the forest here


Harry Partridge

Views: 156,324,759
Subscribers: 827,852

Describes his animations as "Good clean cartoon hijinks"; Harry Partridge is an independent short-format web animator. He is best known for being a voice actor from Swindon. His most notable animations include "Saturday Morning Watchmen" and "Skyrim"


Watch one of his most popular animations "Song of Skyrim" here



Views: 419,671,831
Subscribers: 2,075,614

OneyNG has a range of YouTube Animations: tutorials, let's plays, and some that are just simply for entertainment about popular movies and shows. He has a separate YouTube for music and another for game plays as well!

Watch his "Easy Cartoon Background Tutorial" here


There are so many YouTube Animators out there it was too hard to fit them in one blog, so be sure to check in once in a while for another showcase!


January Showcase of Popular Animation YouTube Channels

Happy January! We're excited to share with you another round of popular animation channels that are racking up the views, shares, and engagement on YouTube! Read on to learn more about TonyvToons, The Odds 1s Out, and itsAlexClark!



17 yr old Tony from TonyvToons credits his animation inspiration from popular YouTuber's Egoraptor, Edd's World, and OneyNG. He first created his animation channel back in 2008, then later revamped his YouTube channel in 2013. His animations explore the daily life and struggles of a teen. Apart from creating his on popular animations, he's also famous for creating his own music and playing games on a separate gaming website called Polarwhal.

Subscribers: 432,319
Views: 35,695,951

Watch a funny episode about Growing Up Here.

The Odds 1s Out

The Odd 1st Out is an animation comic created by James Rallison. He started his YouTube channel back in 2014, but began making comics on Tumblr long before. His cartoons mainly focus on his many misadventures in life, but he is also known for his "speed draws". Robert uses Paint Tools Sai and edits videos in Adobe Premiere.

Subscribers: 2,137,650
Views: 245,457,756

Watch a funny episode about Plagiarism here.


Alex Clark is a comedian and a cartoonist. He's been making comedic animations since 2009 on YouTube that reach about 1 million views per month. With his booming comedic career (he's currently touring around the US with his show!), its no surprise his YouTube channel has found success!

Subscribers: 497,514
Views: 48,028,941

Watch a funny episode about Selfies here.

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December Showcase of Popular Animation YouTube Channels

Happy December! We have another round of Popular YouTube Animation Channels that you should consider checking out this month! Just as a reminder, we select the channels based on popularity through views and subscribers, as well as their popularity through their engaged fans. Read on to learn more about Explosmentertainment, Swoozie, & Eddsworld!



This channel features Cyanide & Happiness, an animated comic strip written and illustrated by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick and formerly Matt Melvin. The comics, which they began creating back in 2004, are quirky and often filled with dark humor. Since 2004, their comics have been featured and licensed out to several books and TV ads. Although the comics can be controversial, that is what seems to make this animation channel so popular and successful. 

Subscribers: 6,526,294
Views: 1,503,394,181

Watch a trailer for the channel here.


sWooZie, created by Adande Thorne, is one of the biggest animation channels on YouTube, gaining initial popularity via his Confessions of a Disney Employee series. sWooZie utilizes mostly simple characters to animate his frustrations and observations about daily life. He also recently began vlogging on his YouTube channel and even interviewed President Barack Obama!

Subscribers: 4,586,327
Views: 611,371,730

Watch an episode about sWooZie's beef with texts here


Eddsworld, created by Edd Gould in 2004, is a British YouTube channel which features 3 characters, Edd, Tom, and Matt. The character Tom, is actually based off of Thomas Ridgewell, the creator behind TomSka who we've featured on our blog before. Sadly, after a long battle of Leukemia Edd Gould passed away in 2012 and his YouTube channel and all affiliated animations were left in the care of Gould's family. Today, Eddsworld is still one of the most popular animated YouTube channels.

Subscribers: 1,104,016
Views: 193,615,806

Watch an episode about a first date gone wrong here.


November Showcase of Popular Animation YouTube Channels

It's time for another blog installment of popular animation YouTube channels! With so much animation on YouTube, you might wonder how we pick the channels we showcase each month; we select the channels based on popularity through views and subscribers, as well as their popularity through their engaged fans. Read on to learn more about LazyPillow, How It Should Have Ended, and JaidenAnimations!



Yotam Peral, self declared animator, writer, and music guy is the creator behind LazyPillow. Peral, who is 25 and from Israel has already been featured on Comedy Central's Trip Tank and has also created a pilot for 20th Century Fox! His videos which are humorous and quirky have gained a huge popularity on YouTube, specifically among teens.

Subscribers: 155,976
Views: 19,321,439

Watch a funny episode about Web Design Here!

How It Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended is a YouTube Animation Channel which began in 2007, that creates alternative endings to movies! All of their parody's are humorous, and sometimes slightly vulgar, but meant to make you laugh while poking fun at the film. Their videos are also now available on iTunes.

Subscribers: 6,584,957
Views: 1,515,410,691

Watch an episode showing an alternative darker ending to Finding Nemo, Here!


JaidenAnimations, which began in 2014, is a YouTube Animation Channel which follows the "everyday" life scenarios of Jaiden. Her cute and funny animations have gained much popularity throughout the YouTube community in only 2 years. Jaiden uses adobe flash for animating and clip studio paint to draw her animations. 

Subscribers: 887,717
Views: 51,640,922

Watch an episode of Jaiden introducing herself, Here!