May's News in Animation!

We're always excited to share all the new productions of the worldwide animation industry with you.  As we near the end of May, we round-up a few updates that were announced this month.


1. 'Missing Link'


Though Laika is constantly pushing forward with cutting-edge technology, their colorful style in physical stop-motion remains the same in their newest animated feature Missing Link. Led by director Chris Butler, Missing link is a comedy-adventure about Sir Lionel Frost, a monster investigator, and, the "monster" himself, Mr. Link.

No trailer has been revealed yet, but read more about Missing Link here!


2. 'Popeye' on YouTube!


Popeye, the 89 year old sailor, has a series coming out on YouTube!  King Features Syndicate, which handles the Popeye franchise licensing, made a pact with Wildbrain for this development.  They will take over management for "Popeye and Friends Official" YouTube channel and will be responsible for the new content.  A decade later, The launch is scheduled for 2019 - stay tuned on our social media platforms for more info!


3. 'Disenchantment' on Netflix


Matt Groening’s animated fantasy series is being described as "if The Simpsons and Futurama had a baby," and it was announced to premiere on Netflix in August 2018! No official trailer has been released for it, but their first tweet, posted on May 22, gave us a teaser shot - and with no surprise, this animated series targets adults.


4. French Animation Film Festival 


The 7th edition of the French Animation Film Festival had its opening day on May 23, 2018!  One of the animations being screened this year, seen above, is called features a blend of anime and street art truly makes this feature a French-Japanese animation. 

There is also a Workshop on "Stop-Motion Animation", a couple of talks, and many other screenings! See the full list here


5. Boomerang Unveils...


Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? and Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs!  Boomerang is reviving some old-time animations into new productions, to be released in 2019!  In the new series, the Mystery Inc. gang resumes their detective work with some celebrity guests.  Meanwhile, Pebbles, Bamm Bamm and Dino have some new adventures of their own. 


There is so much more being announced, especially as we near Summer 2018! Stayed tuned on our social media platforms for a daily dose of the animation industry news. 


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March's News in Animation!

We are wrapping up the third month in 2018 with more new and exciting events in the animation world! Read on to see what March brought us, from new trailers to new studios, many networking opportunities and more!

1. Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero 


On March 27th, Fun Academy Motion Pictures and Variety - The Children's Charity of Southern California co-hosted the world debut of this animated feature based on the true story of a stray dog who became the most decorated dog in American History. The world premiere will be a fundraising benefit for Variety, the Children's Charity of Southern California, as well as the Boys and Girls Club, and It's official release date is April 13, 2018.

Check out the trailer here!


2. New Animation Studio in London!


There's a new major animation studio on the horizon - quite literally, and it has opened in London!  Locksmith has its sights set on becoming an animation powerhouse - the first high-end feature animation studio in the UK.  The studio's first film "Ron's Gone Wrong" is slated for 2020 release.

Find out more about the studio and the team here!


3. GLAS Cash

The Third Annual GLAS Animation Festival in Berkeley, CA wrapped up on March 25, 2018.  Niki Lindroth's stop-motion musical short "The Burden" claimed top prize - the FXX Elevation Award - a $25,000 grant to develop an animated project with FXX. GLAS Cash, another grant for independent filmmakers, was also introduced during the wrap up.

More information on how to apply on May 1st!


4. Lucas the Spider 


Animator Joshua Slice was approached by Fresh TV to a acquire the rights to Lucas the Spider! Their plan is to continue with Lucas' adventures in an ongoing series, along with feature length films. Lucas was named after Slice's nephew who voiced a jumping spider they found nestled on a leaf, which Slice turned into a YouTube series.

Check out one of Lucas' first adventures here!


5. Creators Society Mixer Co-Hosted with Ready, Set, Go!


The Creators Society has been growing the last few months, but nothing compares to the networking mixer for this month. We not only grew in individuals, but we also had Ready, Set, Go, a kids entertainment networking mixer, as a co-host for the month of March. 

If you still have not been to one of our events, make sure not to miss the next one. Sign up to receive future invites here!


Stayed tuned on what's going on in the world of animation on all our social media platforms!


August Showcase of Popular Animation Channels on YouTube

This week we are showcasing YouTube Animation channels that are selected based on their high viewership and subscribers!



Views: 437,709,191
Subscribers: 2,806,746

A self-taught animator who recently started taking animation classes so he can continue to make people laugh. His animations are mostly based on "Minecraft", and as he develops his skills, his style is expanding! 

Watch his animation about a walk through the forest here


Harry Partridge

Views: 156,324,759
Subscribers: 827,852

Describes his animations as "Good clean cartoon hijinks"; Harry Partridge is an independent short-format web animator. He is best known for being a voice actor from Swindon. His most notable animations include "Saturday Morning Watchmen" and "Skyrim"


Watch one of his most popular animations "Song of Skyrim" here



Views: 419,671,831
Subscribers: 2,075,614

OneyNG has a range of YouTube Animations: tutorials, let's plays, and some that are just simply for entertainment about popular movies and shows. He has a separate YouTube for music and another for game plays as well!

Watch his "Easy Cartoon Background Tutorial" here


There are so many YouTube Animators out there it was too hard to fit them in one blog, so be sure to check in once in a while for another showcase!


October Showcase of Popular Animation YouTube Channels

Sure, we love YouTube for its Music Videos, News Content, Tutorials, and Cat Videos, but YouTube's content is growing and we're happy to see an increasing number of animation videos pop up! Young animation artists are turning to YouTube to showcase their talents and fans are tuning in -- think millions of viewers! With so much great and creative content, we'd like to begin sharing YouTube's most popular Animation Channels with you every month. Let us know which channels you think we should feature next month!


Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat is a series created by British animator, Simon Tofield. In the series, Simon's cat seems to be perpetually hungry and is always looking for adorable and creative ways for his owner to feed him more food. Simon has stated that his four cats serve as inspiration for his animations. Tofield has created 54 episodes so far, and his comics have even been transcripted into a published book! In 2012, Disney began releasing Simon's Cat shorts and the British Daily Mail began releasing Simon's Cat comics in their newspaper. In 2015, Endemol UK acquired a portion of Simon's Cat. Simon's Cat continues to partner with larger series and corporations, including Sesame Street!  

Subscribers: 4,042,243 | Views: 799,642,414

Watch a cute episode about Simon being fed, Here!


Domics was created by 24 year old Dominic Panaganiban, a self taught animation artist from Toronto. His comics, we mean, Domics, showcase how he humorously handles and perceives every day situations. His stories are relatable and sharable which has allowed him to reach over 2 million subscribers. Since joining YouTube in 2012, he has created over 100 episodes and makes frequent appearances to YouTube and Animation Conventions. 

Subscribers: 2,858,349 | Views: 292,777,173 

Watch a funny episode about emails, Here!


Thomas Ridgewell, the creator behind TomSka, is a British writer, director and comedian. In 2008, after years of creating his own videos and comics, he began creating his asdfmovie shorts on YouTube. His asdfmovie's are best described as funny, somewhat dark, short sketches, compiled into one video. Don't have a long attention span? Watch his videos. Since kicking off his YouTube career, Thomas as gained much popularity throughout the YouTube community and beyond, he appeared on YouTube's 1st Comedy Week, and has made appearances on BBC, as well as been featured on Wired UK's Magazine cover. His asdfmovie comics have also been published into a book. See the description on each video to get a full list of the credits.

Subscribers: 4,192,999 | Views: 862,611,473

Watch a bizarre episode, Here!