Wallace and Gromit

Spooky Stop-Motion Animations

We decided to dedicate this blog to some stop-motion animations that go hand in hand, with Fall, October and Halloween! No particular order, just some suggestions for family movie nights for this month!

1. Nightmare Before Christmas


If you, like Jack Skellington, "have grown tired of the same old thing"  Nightmare before Christmas may be right up your alley for animations to watch in October. Written by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Selick, this dark fantasy, stop-motion, musical was released in 1993. If you are a fan then you're in luck... the comic book sequel will be released soon!

Read more about the sequel here!


2. Coraline


Written and directed by Henry Selick and released in 2009! Coraline, a young and curious single child, is bored and feeling a bit lonely, so she explores the new home. Her discovery of the parallel universe that seems to be a dream come true at first, becomes a nightmare she needs to get out of. 

Follow some of Coraline's adventure here!


3. Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit


Wallace and Gromit was written and directed by Steve Box and Nick Park, and released in 2005! The animated series started in 1990, with The Curse of the Were-Rabbit being Nick Park's, of Aardman Animation, first feature film. It won at the 78th Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature. The second was Shaun the Sheep, released in 2015 with the sequel TBA!

Watch The Curse of the Were-Rabbit trailer here!


4. James and the Giant Peach


Written by Roald Dahl, and another one directed by Henry Selick, James and the Giant Peach was released in 1996! Though it may not be necessarily be Halloween-ish, it is pretty fit for the theme! James parents get killed by a rhinoceros and he goes to live with his evil aunts. But, the most fitting part is all the friends he makes...in a giant peach...with a bunch of insects. 

If you already saw it, it may have been a while, refresh your memory here!


5. Corpse Bride

corpse bride.jpg

Written and directed by Tim Burton and released in 2006, Corpse Bride is 3rd to be produced by him but the first he directed. It's set in the 1800's in a Victorian Village, and teaches us to be very careful where we practice our vows! You may end up in the "Land of the Dead" if you were as careless as Victor was. 

Enter the "Land of the Dead" through the trailer here!