The Simpsons

The 69th Annual Emmy Awards!

The Emmy Awards are on Sunday, September 17th, and will be hosted by Stephen Colbert! Read-on to find out more about each nomination for "Outstanding Animated Program"!


1. Archer - "Archer Dreamland: No Good Deed"


The animated spy sitcom, Archer, is about the world's greatest secret agent and is on FX Networks. Archer started in 2009 and won "Outstanding Animated Program" for the first time last year, in 2016! Being part of "ISIS', the "International Secret Intelligence, Service, is not an easy task, especially when your emotionally distant mother is your boss, but that won't stop Archer from being nominated for "Outstanding Animated Program" for the 5th time!


2. Bob's Burgers - "Bob, Actually"


Bob's Burgers, on Fox, was also nominated for both "Outstanding Animated Program" and "Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance"! Their First win was in 2014, and they are nominated for the 8th time this year! The show is about an eclectic family that doesn't let anything get in the way of the love for their burger restaurant!


3. Elena and the Secret of Avalor - (Sophia the First)


A Disney Television Animation about the imprisonment of Elena in her magical amulet who receives the help of a princess to break free from evil sorcery.  This is the first nomination with the hopes of many future ones!


4. South Park - "Member Berries"


With 17 nominations and 4 wins, South Park is nominated again for the 8th time in a row for "Outstanding Animated Program". This adult animated sitcom has been running for 20 seasons! In a way it is an improv comedy for animated programs; each episode is written the week proceeding it's broadcast. "Member!" to stay tuned to see what trouble Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny cause for their quiet town in Colorado. 


5. The Simpsons - "The Town"


Last but not least, The Simpsons was also nominated for both "Outstanding Animated Program" and "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance". A show about your typical America family and their neighborhood...okay maybe not so typical, but loving nonetheless. The Simpsons is the longest running animated comedy, it's no surprise that it has been nominated 87 times altogether, and won 32 times. The most recent win was in 2015 for "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" in "The Princess Guide".


The Emmy Awards are less than 2 weeks away and we are excited to see which of all these great shows takes home the trophy. Check nominations for other categories here!