Teheran Tabu

Palm Springs International Animation Festival!

The 1st annual International Animation Festival started November 9, 2017 in Palm Springs, CA and will go on until November 11, 2017. There will be 250+ shorts, 6 animated features, along with panels, seminars, and awards for 35 different categories. Highlighted below are a few examples of the different style animations shown, or talked about, at PSIAF!


1. Fantasmagorie


Directed by french artist Émile Cohl in 1908, this film is considered to be one of the first hand-drawn animations. With 700 drawings created in about 3-4 months, the animation consists of the transformations of objects. The drawing process of the main character has the artists hand in the actual film is what makes it a little different than modern hand-drawn animations.

Check out part of the film, Fantasmagorie,  here!


2. Teheran Tabu


Directed by Ali Soozandeh, this German-Austrian animated film was created using rotoscoping, in which animators trace over motion picture footage in each frame where realistic action is required. It's a 2017 film that tells the story of women in Teheran, the capital city in Iran, and their attempts of going against their strict laws.  

Take a look at what rotoscoping looks like in the Teheran Tabu trailer here!


3. Tokri

tokri .jpg

Tokri was directed by Suresh Eriyat, founder of Studio Eeksaurus. This claymation was inspired by beggars Suresh comes across in India, and one particular one he felt guilty about for shooing away. He decided to turn this experience into an animation that would help his team and the viewers to see the beggars in a different light. 

Watch a clip from the Tokri animation here!


4. El Apóstol 

el apostal.jpg

This was one of the fiirst feature length animated black and white silent film from 1917! Quirino Cristiani directed, wrote, designed, and animated El Apóstol, with character designs by Diógenes Taborda. The stills and and posters for this political satire were lost in a fire.

El Apóstol, along with other classical and traditional animations, will be talked about at Palm Springs International Animation Festival. Watch a little bit about it's history here!


5. Virtual Actors Chinese Opera


Hong-Kong based designer Tobias Gremmler created this non-traditional animation using motion capture. Instead of using actually people to portray the Chinese Opera, he wanted to recreate their movements using only lines and color. 

Wondering what that would look like? Check it out here!


Read more about how the Palm Springs International Animation Festival came together here!