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Talent Spotlight: Mary Lou Miller

We want to welcome Mary Lou to our team! Mary Lou Miller (No relation to Eric!) will be the new Social Media Marketing Coordinator for Eric Miller Animation Studio. She has also been helping us with event planning for The Creators Society Monthly Mixers!


Mary Lou is a first generation Syrian who was born and raised in Los Angeles. During a visit to San Francisco, she fell in love with the city’s history, eclectic culture and arts.  She graduated from the Academy of Art University with a Masters in Art Education, continuing to teach art to K-12th grade for a number of schools in the Bay Area.

While developing her Art Advocacy project she became inspired by the city’s growing indie game culture! She got into Social Media Coordination for a few small game studios because she believed that game art and development was a bridge to youth and their possible future careers in the art industry.  The idea of sharing the art that was being created in games became just as important to her as sharing the importance of art being taught in schools.

After moving back to LA, she continues to promote and support artists and projects through social media.  She is excited to find inspiring news in animation as she helps Eric Miller Animation Studio share more about the world of animation on the many platforms we have.

"Bay Area Fog"-Mary Lou

"Bay Area Fog"-Mary Lou


Animation Throughout The Years

Technological advances have allowed us to make the quality full-length films and shorts you see on the big screen today. But have you ever wondered how animation first started and how it changed over the years? Today we’re going to provide you with a brief overview on animation and how it first started.

The Phenakistoscope and Zoetrope devices

The first animation devices were invented in the early 1830s. These animation devices involved a spinning drum with drawings that slightly differed from one another. When spun, it would appear as though the images were moving (Kehr, 2016).

Early Stop-Motion

In 1908, Emile Cohl created what is considered to be the first fully animated film, Fantasmagorie. This film lasts for around 1 minute and 16 seconds. From the early 1900s to the 1930s, many illustrators tried their hands at stop-motion animation using various techniques (Popova, 2011). 

Adding the element of sound

It wasn’t until Disney’s Steamboat Willie that animation was able to come alive by combining the stop-motion with sound. Disney later started to add in depth with his camera which made the stories and characters really come to life for an audience. Disney’s 1937 Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs was what really impressed audiences (Kehr, 2016). Although this film wasn’t the first animated film, it was definitely the first full-length animated film of such a high quality.

The 1980s changed animation forever

Computer animation technology was created in the 1980s, which allowed animators to create dynamic, interesting characters and give animated films a completely different look. The world went crazy over the first film that was completely computer-animated, Toy Story (Kehr, 2016).

Animation continues to Improve

Animation thrives today due to many of the technological advances we’ve had. Animation software has become more accessible and stop-motion has become relevant on social media as apps have been created for making stop-motion videos on your phone. Animation is still an incredibly powerful way of communicating and storytelling and can resonate with audiences of different ages and backgrounds. We’re looking forward to see where technology takes animation in the future.

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Introducing Our New Social Media Marketing Coordinator!

We’re so excited to introduce our new team member, Brittany Potter. Brittany will be posting regularly to our five social platforms, handle all things related to marketing and outreach, and will post to our blog once per week.

Brittany graduated from Oregon State University in June of 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication. She moved from Portland to LA shortly after graduation and has been working in social media in the beauty and fashion industry. Brittany is so excited to take on this new role and learn about CG animation, visual effects, motion graphics, and more! She hopes to grow our company's social presence and is excited to promote the company's short when it comes out later this year. 

Brittany grew up in Portland, Oregon and first fell in love with Los Angeles when she did an internship at a PR firm in 2014. In her free time, she loves to try out new restaurants, watch live theatre, and spend time with her puppy, Oreo. Please stay tuned for Brittany's upcoming blog posts, she'll be posting each Friday!