August Animation News Round Up!

Ready for a new month?! We'll catch you up on the latest news in animation for the month of August first!

1. Ducktale's first new episode free on YouTube!


It's always great to be able to share the excitement of what is nostalgic to you with the new generation! The first episode is already available to watch on YouTube for free, and the rest will resume September 23, 2017!

Watch it here!


2. An Invisible History...


But not anymore! Women get recognition at The Academy's event "An Invisible History: Trailblazing Women of Animation". Mindy Johnson, an author known for many books about Disney, hosted it and introduced a lot of women that were leads in quite a bit of Disney animated features. 

Check out the list of the Animators here!


3. Weinstein Company's Animation Division!


Welcoming The Weinstein Company to the world of animation! The name of the division is "Mizcheif" with a lot of future plans and the first release being just released. "Leap!" is in theaters now, as of August 25, 2017!

Watch the trailer here!


4. Transformers as an Animated Feature!


Hasbro and their studio, Boulder Media Studio, announced that the Transformers animated feature has been in production since July 31, 2017! They also hope to have a new feature released once a year after the first one. Keep an eye out for the debut in 2018!

Watch and read more about it here!


5. In Development at Eric Miller Animation Studios


While we are continuing to offer one-stop-shop animation production services, we are also continuing to develop our own intellectual properties.  We are hard at work on our Bink short, and very excited on the progress we are making on the story.  We're spending more time on the story before putting it into production, because we want it to be amazing.

We are also in very early stages on exploring other ideas.  One of those ideas, currently titled Firefly Woods, will be a 3D animated virtual reality project.  We have been wanting to get into the VR world, and this is one of our first steps into this exciting space.  Stay tuned for future updates on this and other projects we are working on.

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