Virtual Reality and the Future of Animation

Within the last couple of years, virtual reality has taken off and companies continue to use the latest technology to advance us within this realm. As virtual reality becomes something that is accessible to all consumers, it's important to think about how filmmakers are and will be creating content for VR. Today we'll look at products and trends in virtual reality and think about how this could be a mainstream way of watching animated content in the future. 

Multiple production companies are thinking about how they can produce quality content for VR. One of the biggest problems for animators is that it's so time consuming to create the content, and the technology is improving quickly. An article on The Verge explains how most animated content only lasts about 10 minutes. Baobab which has over $6 million in funding from Comcast Ventures recently explained that "From a technology viewpoint, tech changes so quickly that by the time we could finish a full length film, the tech would be obsolete." (Read the full article from The Verge here.) 

Although animated content for VR can be hard to produce, that doesn't mean it's not being produced. In fact, there's been an incredible amount of VR content produced for the Sundance Film Festival and most recently, the Tribeca Film Festival. 

Not only is virtual reality a way for us to view content for the purpose of entertainment or gaming, it's making waves in education by giving students who are visual learners a new way to experience the lesson plan. Virtual reality has even been used for surgeons to map out brain activity and remove a tumor during brain surgery. 

Some of the most common virtual reality viewers include the Samsung Gear VR (powered by Oculus), PlayStation VR, HTC Vive (pre-order available now), and of course the extremely accessible, Google Cardboard

So should you go out and buy a headset? VR is extremely new and there are still quite a few kinks to work out before it becomes a mainstream way of viewing animated content. However, it sure is fun to play with for now! 

We think this is a very exciting space and have started to explore how we can create animated content for VR. We look forward to sharing more as we get into it deeper.