March Showcase of Popular Animation YouTube Channels

It's time for another installment of Popular YouTube Channels we'd like to showcase! Channels are selected based on their high viewership and subscribers. Lets get to it!

Alan Becker

Alan Becker, from Columbus, Ohio, is best known for his Animation v Animator videos which he began making in 2006. His videos even won a "People's Choice Award" at the Webby Awards in 2007! Becker also spends time creating "How To" videos on YouTube. Fun Fact: It takes Alan about a YEAR to create each of his major animations! 

Subscribers: 2,589,385
Views: 254,314,500

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Draw with Jazza

Draw with Jazza, created by Australian Josiah Brooks, is a YouTube Animation Channel focused on teaching people how to Draw, Animate, and Paint. His tutorials are not only helpful, but entertaining. He also makes animated parody shorts of his favorite films (eg. Braveheart/Weakheart). Josiah has won 62 awards, including 23 Daily Features, 8 Weekly Users' Choice Awards and 4 Review Crew Picks.

Subscribers: 1,318,355
Views: 99,956,429

Watch an episode about Jazza and Jaiden Animations HERE.



James Barkley aka AnimatedJames is a self proclaimed "Cartoonist/Musician/Writer/Voice Actor/5th Thing" from NYC. He is best known for his Sonic vs MLP Animation series. Barkley uses Adobe Flash, Premiere, and After Effects for his creations and his animations tend to be commentaries on real life situations. 

Subscribers: 531,040
Views: 198,741,353 

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