June's Popular Animation Channels!

Happy June! It's time for another installment of Popular YouTube Channels we'd like to showcase! Channels are selected based on their high viewership and subscribers. Lets get to it!

Super Planet Dolan

Daniel James Johnson, aka Planet Dolan is an Australian YouTuber who began his channel in 2014 to animate trivia games which were narrated by animated characters. Once his channel grew in enough popularity he started his own production company called Danger Dolan Pty Ltd -- and even hired actors to narrate his videos!

Subscribers: 1,641,786
Views: 226,648,596

Check out a video of 10 Dolan Life Mysteries About Earth HERE.

Shut Up! Cartoons

Subscribers: 2,012,795
Views: 387,748,826

Shut Up! Cartoons was created by Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox and Barry Blumberg in 2012. They first launched with a popular do's and don't video, which lead to full on animation series. So far, they've had 18 series on their channel, each lasting 10 episodes.

Check out a video about b(read)heads HERE.



Subscribers: 2,644,677
Views: 423,687,060

Egoraptor aka Arin Joseph Hanson is a animator, cartoonist, comedian, voice actor, songwriter, and rapper. When not creating videos for his person animation channel he can be found animating projects for larger companies, including MTV. Hanson's rap career isn't doing to bad either, in 2016 he preformed at SXSW.

Check out a video of from his "awesome series" HERE.