January Showcase of Popular Animation YouTube Channels

Happy January! We're excited to share with you another round of popular animation channels that are racking up the views, shares, and engagement on YouTube! Read on to learn more about TonyvToons, The Odds 1s Out, and itsAlexClark!



17 yr old Tony from TonyvToons credits his animation inspiration from popular YouTuber's Egoraptor, Edd's World, and OneyNG. He first created his animation channel back in 2008, then later revamped his YouTube channel in 2013. His animations explore the daily life and struggles of a teen. Apart from creating his on popular animations, he's also famous for creating his own music and playing games on a separate gaming website called Polarwhal.

Subscribers: 432,319
Views: 35,695,951

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The Odds 1s Out

The Odd 1st Out is an animation comic created by James Rallison. He started his YouTube channel back in 2014, but began making comics on Tumblr long before. His cartoons mainly focus on his many misadventures in life, but he is also known for his "speed draws". Robert uses Paint Tools Sai and edits videos in Adobe Premiere.

Subscribers: 2,137,650
Views: 245,457,756

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Alex Clark is a comedian and a cartoonist. He's been making comedic animations since 2009 on YouTube that reach about 1 million views per month. With his booming comedic career (he's currently touring around the US with his show!), its no surprise his YouTube channel has found success!

Subscribers: 497,514
Views: 48,028,941

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