January Animation News Round Up!

Time for another monthly round up of animation news! Let's get down to buisness. 

1. DreamWorks Animation Names Chris DeFaria as new president

Chris DeFaria, formally the president of Animation and Innovative Technology at Warner Bros Pictures has been taped to become president of DreamWorks Feature Animation Group. DeFaria will have a heavy workload, overseeing DWA's strategy, development, production, innovation, technology, and business affairs. He will be reporting to Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley.

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2. Zootopia wins Golden Globe

Zootopia took home the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature this month. The film follows a bunny (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) and fox (voiced by Jason Bateman) as they adventure through a metropolitan area. The film scored major points for their sloth's working at the DMV scene. There are even talks about the film being turned in to a tv series! Did you agree Zootopia's Golden Globe win?

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3. Wes Anderson to produce Animated Film

Wes Anderson's new animated film Isle of Dogs has officially begun production in London. Per usual, Anderson has enlisted an A-list cast for his next film, just to name a few, Bill Murray, Bryan Cranston, Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson, Yoko Ono, and Edward Norton will be joining the film. Anderson has not released a film since his critically acclaimed The Grand Budapest Hotel. We can't wait to see whats in store!

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4. Women in Animation still have hurdles to face in the Animation Industry

Even in 2017, Animation remains a male dominated industry. After a study showed that 99% of animated films by DreamWorks, Disney, Universal, Fox, and Warner Bros are directed men, people begun opening up a dialogue on how to create more diversity in the animation industry. The fascinating, yet alarming topic has resurfaced after The Hollywood Reporter's Animation Round Table issue comprised of only men.

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