Innovative Animations in Advertising

When you think "Animation", you may only think of kids cartoons, but animation is found all films, gaming, and advertising! We wanted take a deeper look at some fun and innovative animation found in commercials within the past few years. Let's get to it!

1.  Apple

Apple's pitch for consumers to use it's Health app featured a series of simple yet beautifully crafted ads. Apple's goal was to create an ad series that conveyed how easy changes can make a difference on your health and they sought out to do that via a simplistic ad. Apple was applauded for their vivid visual cues within the commercials which allowed the campaign to be more impactful. 

Apple: Health App. Director: Johnny Kelly. Production Company: Nexu

2. Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike's controversial ad promoting their game definitely created buzz and conversation. Featuring plus size women playing the game, some said the ad objectified women, but Mobile Strike claimed the ad was a nod towards their diverse player base.

3. Honda

Honda's Paper commercial featured hand drawn illustrations showing Honda's history of mobility. With the campaign's tagline of "You never know where a dream will lead you", the commercial was meant to conger up feelings dreaming big. This ad was devised in CGI.

Honda: Paper. Agency: RPA. Production Company: Reset Content. VFX & Finishing: A52


4. Chipotle

Chipotle's 4 minute commercial "A Love Story" features two children who turn into rivals in a lemonade vs orange juice war. Chipotle wanted to illustrate that "competition among food businesses can cause them to become something that was not initially intended." 

Chipotle: A Love Story. Agency: CAA Marketing. Production, Animation Company: Passion Pictures

5. Xfinity

Xfinity's Wizard of Oz ad promotes Comcast's talking guide for TV, created for people with visual disabilities. The Ad, which features Robert Redford as a voiceover, tells the story of Emily, a blind girl who was asked to describe what Wizard of Oz looked like to her. Xfinity then created her version of Oz for the commercial.

Xfinity: Wizard of Oz. Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, New York. Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks. Visual Effects: A52