April Showcase of Popular Animation Channels on YouTube

It's time for another installment of Popular YouTube Channels we'd like to showcase! Channels are selected based on their high viewership and subscribers. Lets get to it!

Smashbits Animation

Views: 33,763,411
Subscribers: 409,006

Smashbits started in 2013 by Smashbits Studios, they concentrate on video-game animations. The channel has 9 animators creating the show -- they say 11 minutes of content takes 200 man hours to create! They are known for their parodies, including mostly Sonic parodies. 

Watch a Sonic Parody HERE


Subscribers: 202,104

Kris AKA Erstory is an artist and animator who is known for sharing personal stories via his channel. Even his parents have been featured in his videos. His subscribe # is high considering he only started YouTubing in 2016! He's already collaborated with tons of animation YouTuber's, including JaidenAnimations.

Check out a video describing his college crush HERE.


Brandon Turner

Views: 52,746,306
Subscribes: 185,988

Brandon Turner, who started his channel in 2013, is based in the UK. Brandon is most well known for creating animations for the  popular YouTube channel's Eddsworld and Game Grumps. Contrary to many other animation channels, his animations do not include himself. 

Watch a quick animation of Brandon going through the drive-thru HERE.