Famous Voice Actors you didn't know were behind your Favorite Cartoons!

With great animated films and tv series, its easy to get lost in the story and forget that you recognize the voices of the characters! We wanted to showcase a few famous actors that you may not have known were the voices behind your favorite cartoons! Let us know if any of these surprised you!

1. George Clooney as the doctor from South Park

2. Bruce Willis as Spike from The Rugrats

3. Robert Downey Jr. as Patrick Pewterschmidt from Family Guy

4. Busta Rhymes as Reptar from the The Rugrats


5. Fergie as Sally Brown from Peanuts

6. Mel Gibson as John Smith from Pocahontas

8. J.K. Simmons as the yellow M&M

9. Flea as Donnie from The Wild Thornberry

10. Michael Cera as Brother Bear from The Bernstein Bears

11. Kristen Dunst as young Anastasia in Anastasia

12. Demi Moore as Esmeralda

13. John Ritter as Clifford



14. Tim Curry as Nigel Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys

15. Zach Braff as Chicken Little

Did any surprise you? Let us know if you know of any other surprising voices for your favorite animated characters.