Animation News Round Up!

Happy Friday Everybody! Once a month we'd like to give you a round up of the top animation stories going on within the industry to keep you all up to date! 

1. The Little Prince, Pete's Dragon & Kubo and The Two Strings score with the critics!

All 3 of these films have done spectacular with the critics and are killing it at the box office and on Netflix. Have you seen any of them yet? We thought the animation was beautifully crafted for each film, helping our industry shine a little brighter! Not to mention, these three movies pulled in millions combined at the box office.  

Read for additional reviews and coverage THE LITTLE PRINCEPETE'S DRAGON, and KUBO & THE TWO STRINGS

2. Arc Production Files for Bankruptcy

We were sad to hear of Arc Production's closure, the Toronto based company, behind Thomas and Friends declared bankruptcy earlier this month. This bankruptcy affects nearly 500 employees of Arc, and some are hopeful that this does not truly mean the end for Arc Productions.

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3. Adult Animation Soars!

Animation is not only for children, Seth Rogen's latest R rated animated film Sausage Party, which racked in almost $33.6 million dollars in its debut weekend, proves that adults enjoy animation too. Congrats to Conrad Vernon, who our founder Eric Miller worked with at Dreamworks on Monsters vs Aliens and Madagascar 3! Unfortunately, when discussing the film, it's impossible to ignore the current on-going allegations that animators who worked on Sausage Party were not paid fairly. Although the controversy is still not over, all we can say is we hope working conditions are improved for all crews working in animation, VFX, and games. 

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4. Eric Miller Studio Animation releases exclusive Behind The Scenes Video for Bink!

Have you seen the Behind the Scenes: Bink - New Arrival in Storybook video yet? We released it a few weeks ago, and if you're an animator interested in learning more about the animation process then we're sure you'll find this video both informative and enjoyable! 

Watch the YouTube video HERE

5. Olympics uses Animation to promote The Games!

Between the animation of the US Women's Soccer Team (Calabash Animation Studios), Google's 2016 Doodle Fruit Games (Design & Animation by Nate Swinehart & Layout Support by David Davis), and Usain Bolt's Animated Gatorade Commercial (Moonbot Studios), everyone wanted to take part in The Games! Advertisers, athletes, and companies turned to animation to give life and color to each their stories! Did catch any of these animations online or on TV?

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