Attack of the Remakes!

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of contracts being signed as your favorite and beloved movies are being remade in Hollywood. Studios for some time now have been trying to get audiences back in theaters since streaming services like Netflix have taken a chunk of the industry.

With the latest remakes like Ghostbusters and Ben-Hur, audiences are torn between watching the latest flicks in the theater or watching retro movies in the comfort of their home. It’s getting tougher too, as it was announced that Netflix will be getting the entire Disney library streaming right to your phone this fall. Coupled with the fact, ticket prices have slowly been rising. Rarely can you catch a movie for under $20, topped with $15 worth of popcorn/soda, wasting gas driving to the theater and finding parking during a busy night. Before you know it, staying home doesn't sound half bad.

I remember when you could see a trailer for a remake and people were generally excited, you could hear murmurs of couples already planning their next movie date. Today, remakes are given the obvious sigh and chuckle as audiences want more from Hollywood. People are still debating whether 3D movies are even worth the cost. When 3D was introduced it was temporary, but now it’s become a permanent staple at the theaters that drives up ticket costs and drains consumer’s wallets.

Hollywood is always trying new things to draw audiences back and you can bet if it was popular then, they’ll try to make it popular now. Do you think remakes are the answer? Has streaming services like Netflix encouraged you to stay in more? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to share if you enjoyed this article.