10 Things You Might Have Missed in Animated Feature Films

One thing that big studios like Disney and Pixar like to do when creating their films is leave hidden messages. These messages are often in reference to past films the studio created or sometimes reference an upcoming film. We bet you'll want to watch these movies again after we fill you in on these secrets. Here are some things you might have missed when watching some of your favorite Disney and Pixar Movies.


Have you ever noticed that when the Sultan is stacking his toys there's a plush animal toy that's of The Beast from Beauty and The Beast?

Princess and the Frog

Look closely at the rug this woman is holding in the scene from The Princess and The Frog.. Yep, you guessed it, that's the rug Magic Carpet from Aladdin.


You might catch a familiar face sitting up above Flynn Rider in Tangled. It's one of our favorite characters who can never tell the truth, Pinocchio! 

Lilo and Stitch

There are two different references to Disney's Mulan in Lilo and Stitch. One of the restaurants on the street is named Mulan Wok and the poster in Nani's bedroom is from the movie!

The Little Mermaid

You may see some familiar faces as King Triton addresses his fellow merpeople. Even these Disney classics feature references to other characters. Can you spot Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey in the crowd? 


The animals in the jungle have collected all kinds of trinkets, and you might recognize a couple from Beauty and the Beast. In this scene you can see Mrs.Potts and and her son, Chip!


When Ana and Elsa open up the gates to the castle, everyone attends! This includes Flynn Rider and Rapunzel!


This mostly-silent film features one of our favorite toys from the Pixar classic, Toy Story. Can you spot Rex?

Toy Story 2

Speaking of Toy Story, as Mr.Potato Head reads this book to the other toys, you can spot characters from A Bugs Life!

Pizza Planet Truck

This truck just keeps on popping up! Pixar has featured the Pizza Planet truck in almost every movie! What other movies have you spotted it in?