Talent Spotlight: Introducing Linda Kurgpõld

We’re excited to introduce an extremely talented creative professional, Linda Kurgpõld! Linda has been working with Eric Miller Animation Studios on a few recent projects, including Bink. 

Linda specializes in surfacing and modeling, which means she creates everything you’re going to see on the screen during the pre-animation process. Coming from a long lineage of artists, Linda started out at USC as a fine art student. Linda had always been extremely artistic and had multiple creative outlets, like painting or playing the clarinet in the marching band. Her junior year of undergrad she switched over to the USC Cinema Program. She had always been fascinated by everything that went into creating a film and had decided that she was going to be a filmmaker. Soon after graduation, Linda realized that the aspect of film that she was most interested in was animation. She started the USC Master’s program in animation and it was during that time she found a passion for computer animation.

Linda’s always been amazed with how films are made and she still watches the special features on DVDs to find out how things work. To her, making movies will never lose it’s magic, which is why she’s been doing it for the past 20 years.

She’s spent the last couple of years taking advantage of all that LA has to offer. When she’s not working on a large project you can find her traveling, visiting with family, going to museums, or taking up photography.

Want to know more about Linda and her work? Check out LindaKurgpold.com