Update on Bink!

We're so excited about all of the progress we've made on the Bink project and anxious to see how the project plays out over the next couple of months! We're currently working on the first episode which will contain 30 seconds of 3D Animation. So far, we've had around eighteen people contribute to this project. We're so thankful for all the hard work that everyone's put into this short and want to share a little more about what everyone's been doing!

Violette Sacre and Graham Cunningham have been working hard to get the fur on Bink to move properly with the animation and lighting and have been making great progress. Violette is also working on look development and grooming how the fur will look on Bink. Scott Raymond is making some final tweaks to the animation, this should be finished soon! Graham is our lighter and he will be working on lighting shot work soon. We are thrilled Jared White has agreed to come on and help with final video editing. 

We have an extremely talented composer, Carl Johnson, onboard to do the underscore music for the short. Some of our favorite projects he's worked on include: Hercules, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, WALL-E, Skyfall, and more! 

Boom Box Post will be doing the post-production sound effects, design, sound editorial, and re-recording Mix. The two owners of Boom Box Post are Jeff Shiffman and Kate Finan.  We're so excited for them and their team, as they were recently nominated for three Motion Picture Sound Editor’s Golden Reel Awards. We are honored to be working with such a talented group and will be crossing our fingers  for them on February 27th, when the winners will be announced.

Again, we're so thankful to everyone who's helped us create this short and we can't wait to share it once it's done. Here's a complete list of those who have contributed to this project, thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Carl Johnson - Composer
Charlie Petrek - Co-Creator/Writer
Farooq Qureshi - Storyboard Artist
Graham Cunningham - Lighter/Compositor/Renderer/Surfacer(Laboratory)
Jacob Gardner - Animation Blocking/Rig Wrecking
Jared White - Editor
Joachim de Brunier - Modeler (Bink, Hand, Laboratory)
Kate Luhr - Scientist Voice
Linda Kurgpold - Surfacer(Hand & Crate)
Nico Sanghrajka - Character TD
Phil Zucco - Modeler (Crate)
Rachel Wan - Concept Artist/Character Design(Hand)
Scott Raymond - Animator
Valerio Fabbretti - Character Designer(Bink)
Violette Sacre - Surfacer(Bink)
William Dougan - Bink Voice