The Ten Animated Films We’re Most Looking Forward to in 2016

This year boasts a large amount of animated film releases from major studios. In fact, there are 167 animated films listed on IMDB to be released in 2016. These are the ten films we’re most looking forward to within the coming year, in order of release date.

Kung Fu Panda 3- January 29th

Jack Black is back in action! In this movie, Po is off on more panda adventures and must face some tough challenges. The Dragon Warrior will continue to fight off evil villains. The best news? This movie was just released! Time to hop over to a theatre and see this new film, be sure to tell us what you think!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.00.01 PM.png

Zootopia-March 4th

We’re so excited that Walt Disney animation studios is releasing two feature films this year! Zootopia takes place in a metropolis that is filled with animals. The film follows a rabbit who becomes a part of the police department to find a missing animal. Her partner, a fox, turns out to be a con-artist who can’t be trusted. The film features the voices of Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman. 

The Little Prince- March 4th

The Little Prince reminds us to not grow up too fast and that anything is possible! In this movie, a young girl with a business-minded mother is exposed to a new world through her neighbor, The Aviator. In the world of The Little Prince she realizes the importance of imagination, and is exposed to all kinds of new experiences and possibilities. This movie is an adaptation of the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  The movie features voices of Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, Paul Rudd, and James Franco.

The Angry Birds Movie- May 20th

Our favorite mobile game birds have made it into a full-length feature produced by Sony Pictures. We find out why the birds are always so angry this May. The birds have some unexpected visitors on their island and are eager to find out what the intruders are doing there. This movie stars Jason Sudeikis, Danny McBride, Blake Shelton, Josh Gad, and more.

Finding Dory- June 17th

The little blue fish is back! Dory goes on an adventure of her own but her forgetful habits keep her from remembering just how important family is. We’re excited to see what kinds of interesting characters pop up in this sequel to Finding Nemo. Pixar and Walt Disney bring Ellen Degeneres back once again as the voice of Dory. Swim on over to a theatre on June 17! 

The Secret Life of Pets-July 8th

Ever wonder if your pets have a whole life of their own you know nothing about? This movie documents a couple of animals who live in Manhattan and have to work to fight off a criminal group of pets in order to make sure that all pets remain happy and stay with their owners. This movie is brought to us by Illumination entertainment and stars Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and more! 

Kubo and The Two Strings- August 19th

In this stop-motion animated film, Kubo is visited from a spirit of the past who urges him to find a special suit of armor that was once his father’s. This action-packed thriller includes the voices of Matthew McConaughey, Charlize Theron, Rooney Mara, and more! This film is produced by the animation studio, LAIKA, who created films like Coraline, Boxtrolls, and Paranorman. The studio’s unique production style is sure to make this a stand out film! 

Trolls-November 4th

Throwback to the 90s! DreamWorks animates these hairy toys in the new film, Trolls. This film has a star-studded cast, with Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake as the voices of the main characters.  The first trailer for this film just came out this week, although the storyline is unclear we know that this is going to be a fun film with lots of light-hearted comedy and dancing!

Moana- November 23rd

From Walt Disney Pictures comes Moana: a story of a young navigator who sets sail on an adventure to look for an island alongside a legendary demi-god. This film features musical numbers, light comedy, and a tale of epic adventure. Dwayne Johnson is the voice of the demi-god, Maui, while Auli’i Cravalho is the voice of Moana. This film is released on November 23rd! 

Animal Crackers- 2016

Lions, Tigers, and bears, oh my! In this film, your favorite childhood snack comes to life. A family inherits a circus and finds that a box of animal crackers transforms whoever eats the cracker into the animal they ate! The family goes on a wild adventure to save the circus from an evil villain. This film stars Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Danny DeVito Sylvester Stallone, and more! There is no set release date for this film yet, stay tuned!

Which movie are you most looking forward to? Leave a comment below and let us know!