August Showcase of Popular Animation Channels on YouTube

This week we are showcasing YouTube Animation channels that are selected based on their high viewership and subscribers!


Views: 437,709,191
Subscribers: 2,806,746

A self-taught animator who recently started taking animation classes so he can continue to make people laugh. His animations are mostly based on "Minecraft", and as he develops his skills, his style is expanding! 

Watch his animation about a walk through the forest here

Harry Partridge

Views: 156,324,759
Subscribers: 827,852

Describes his animations as "Good clean cartoon hijinks"; Harry Partridge is an independent short-format web animator. He is best known for being a voice actor from Swindon. His most notable animations include "Saturday Morning Watchmen" and "Skyrim"


Watch one of his most popular animations "Song of Skyrim" here


Views: 419,671,831
Subscribers: 2,075,614

OneyNG has a range of YouTube Animations: tutorials, let's plays, and some that are just simply for entertainment about popular movies and shows. He has a separate YouTube for music and another for game plays as well!

Watch his "Easy Cartoon Background Tutorial" here




There are so many YouTube Animators out there it was too hard to fit them in one blog, so be sure to check in once in a while for another showcase!


Animated Series coming to Netflix

Need something new to watch on Netflix? Keep an eye out for these new animated series that will be launching within the next year!


If you enjoy watching "The Simpsons" and "Futurama", Matt Groening is stirring a little something that may just be the perfect new animated series for you to get into. "Disenchantment" is being prepared to launch on Netflix in 2018. Set in a “crumbling medieval kingdom of Dreamland,” a “hard-drinking young princess Bean" and her fantasy creature campions!

Read more about who the voices for the characters will be here

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters

A toy that was originally introduced in 1976 is being produced by Netflix and Hasbro as a new animated series that will be launched at the end of 2017. Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters is about three friends, who turn an accident into an adventure. An experimental chemical changes their lives, but for the better...for everyone!

Read more about it here.

Godzilla: Monster Planet

In the 60 years the monster has been around, this will be the first animated series for Godzilla. Set in the year 2048, humans will try to win back the planet that was taken away from them by monsters. It may not look like the Godzilla we're used to, but they are hoping it can be enjoyed by old fans as well as a new generation of fans. Look for it in November 2017!

Check out the trailer here


Of course, there are so many more exciting animated shows launching on Netflix soon. Click here for a full list of premieres. 


Eric Miller Talks with University of Utah Animation Students

On March 14th of this year I had the pleasure of meeting with animation students from the University of Utah.  I told them a little about my past experiences, and how I eventually started my own animation company.  It was really great to talk with them and answer some of the questions they had about the industry. They also gave me some really cool University of Utah swag.

I found the below article about their trip on the university's website, and since Eric Miller Animation Studios was mentioned I thought I'd share with our readers.  An excerpt is below, and links to read the full article are at the end.


Best Regards,

The Animation Career Trek: A Journey through the Animation Industry of LA

By Guest Writer: Rachel Luebbert

The lifespan of a student is quick and fleeting. Within a few short years, a student soaks in a breadth of knowledge and is then released into the free air of the professional world. This transition is exciting and can provoke many questions regarding the navigation of the professional world.

In a partnership with Career Services, the College of Fine Arts and the Department of Film and Media Arts, ten animation students explored these very questions during spring break. With help from students leaders Taylor Mott and Daniel Stergios, Career Coach Eric Bloomquist and Academic Advisor Jennifer McLaurin, the Animation Career Trek traveled to Los Angeles where students gained insights to the Animation Industry. Career Treks are trips hosted by Career Services that surround talking to current employees about their professional experiences. This is the first Animation Career Trek and the first to travel outside of the Utah.

The trip lasted four days and was a diverse compilation of visits to large and small studios as well as intimate Q & A sessions with animation professionals. On the first day, students took a tour of DreamWorks Animation Studios and heard from the CEO of Eric Miller Animation Studios. David Sainz described their tour of 6-Point Harness, a smaller animation studio: “During our visit they gave us a detailed breakdown of what the pipe line looks like to fully create an animated film—from starting a project to the final product. This is something I could never really imagine until this tour.” At a networking dinner later in the trip, the students talked to individuals in all different roles of animation; from an intern to a production coordinator to a storyboard artist, each individual offered a unique perspective on the path to enter the film industry. Sainz explained, “During this dinner, I talked to Alejandro Melendez who works as a creative executive at Film 45. He gave me suggestions to stand out in such a competitive industry.” Students heard firsthand the importance of building their network.

Continue Reading the full article on The University of Utah's website.


SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles

SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles

The first Special Interest Group on Computer GRAPHics (SIGGRAPH) conference was in 1974!  It has traveled to Dallas, New Orleans, Boston, Vancouver and this year it is back here in Los Angeles! (it will also be back in Los Angeles in 2019 and 2021) 

Every year at SIGGRAPH, we look forward to hearing all about new up and coming technologies in computer graphics.  So much to be caught up on from this years conference, we'll start you off with a few!

1. Autodesk announces Maya 2018

"Fast and stable" is the motto from the Maya team for the coming upgrade, which is definitely something for 3D Artists all over to be hopeful for.  There will also be a live link between Maya and After Effects to be able to view real time changes which can also save some time!  Overall, we can expect a lot more improvements on previous features. 

Read more about the updates here.


2. Shotgun introduces version 7.3

Another popular production software continuing to offer security for pipeline needs.  They made some improvements that make it easier for administrators to keep their site organized and the ability to customize action menu items.  Of course, like most updates, bugs are fixed, plenty of polishes and optimization for the workflow!

Read more about the updates here

3. StratusCore Updates

Innovations that side with artists and studios, StratusCore created a one-of-a-kind Digital Escrow where studios and artists can keep track of the project from start to payments.  Artists are also able to create with a variety of software applications in one "Virtual Workstation", making it easier for teams to collaborate as well.  It is also one of the tools that is providing cloud rendering services. 

Read more about the updates here

Be sure to check out all the amazing updates announced at SIGGRAPH here!

Eric Miller at SIGGRAPH 2017!

Eric Miller at SIGGRAPH 2017!

You can see more pictures from our experience at SIGGRAPH on our Instagram Channel


July Animation News Round

1. Disney's D23 Expo excitement!

So many events, panels and performances that fans waited many hours in line for, and it seems like it was worth their time. The D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center by the Walt Disney Company gave us "a whole new world" of animations and attractions to look forward to. 

Keep up with the updates here!

2. The beginning of the end for Game of Thrones!

(No spoilers here, don't worry.) But, "shall we begin?" the season finale of "Game of Thrones"?! The show that seems to have a 99% following, how do we feel about it all coming to an end soon? Still very stoked to see who will take the throne!

Read more about the GoT panel at Comic Con here!


3. San Diego Comic Con, another year for the books!

Every year a diversity of people wait anxiously for San Diego Comic Con to come around. The inspiring studios, hardworking animators and artists of all kinds, comic book fanatics, creative cosplayers, and all the curious passerby's. So many great reveals for animation this year! (Okay maybe we think that every year, but exciting nonetheless!)

Read more about all the announcements here

4. All the nostalgia!

We're not in the 90's anymore, but it sure feels like it! Nickelodeon announced movies for "Rocko's Modern Life" and "Hey Arnold"! "Duck Tales" is also coming back bringing nostalgia for an even larger range of generations. We can say the same for "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" fans since Matt Groening announced a new animated series!

5. What a month for Anniversaries!

This month was the 3 year anniversary for Eric Miller Animation Studio! We've worked with so many great companies and such amazing talent on this adventure, and look forward to working with more along the way.

The Creator's Society, sponsored by Eric Miller Animation Studio, also had an anniversary! It's been an inspiring 2 years of meeting a diverse group of creatives at our monthly mixers! Need a space to network, get invited to future events here!



Talent Spotlight: Ruby Wang


We’re so excited to introduce our newest team member, Ruby Wang. Ruby is a talented illustrator who will be working with Eric Miller Animation Studios to provide illustrations and concept designs.  When not working on specific projects she will be creating some fun illustrations for both our website, and social media.  So keep an eye out for some of her amazing work.  

Growing up on a small island in Taiwan surrounded by a crisp blue ocean and huge mountains filled Ruby Wang’s mind with many stories that she wanted to share with the world. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember, but thought making her art move would make a bigger impact for the stories she had to tell, which is what made her interested in animation.

“When I was little, my sister and I loved playing a game called “Story Theater.” I would spend a whole week illustrating a story, by the weekend I had a complete story to present to my sister. I loved seeing her face glow; she was so eager to see and hear more about my stories. This inspired me to do what I do today, tell stories through my art.”
— Ruby Wang

After studying 3D animation in Taiwan, she came to the United States and worked towards her Master’s in Visual Development. She felt fortunate to be accepted into the internship program for Tonko House in the Spring of 2017 and shortly thereafter started as a concept artist at Flight School Studio. After seeing the Bink teaser, Ruby saw great potential in Eric Miller Animation Studio and hoped to contribute to the project. So here she is now, very excited to start as a freelance illustrator, and we are also very excited to get to work with her!


Talent Spotlight: Mary Lou Miller

We want to welcome Mary Lou to our team! Mary Lou Miller (No relation to Eric!) will be the new Social Media Marketing Coordinator for Eric Miller Animation Studio. She has also been helping us with event planning for The Creators Society Monthly Mixers!


Mary Lou is a first generation Syrian who was born and raised in Los Angeles. During a visit to San Francisco, she fell in love with the city’s history, eclectic culture and arts.  She graduated from the Academy of Art University with a Masters in Art Education, continuing to teach art to K-12th grade for a number of schools in the Bay Area.

While developing her Art Advocacy project she became inspired by the city’s growing indie game culture! She got into Social Media Coordination for a few small game studios because she believed that game art and development was a bridge to youth and their possible future careers in the art industry.  The idea of sharing the art that was being created in games became just as important to her as sharing the importance of art being taught in schools.

After moving back to LA, she continues to promote and support artists and projects through social media.  She is excited to find inspiring news in animation as she helps Eric Miller Animation Studio share more about the world of animation on the many platforms we have.

"Bay Area Fog"-Mary Lou

"Bay Area Fog"-Mary Lou


June Animation News Round Up!

Time to catch you up on the top animation news thats been going on this month! 

1. Studio Ghibli’s American Distributor launches ANIMATION IS FILM Festival

A new festival, ANIMATION IS FILM has been created by GKIDS! GKIDS Founder commented that he wanted to “Create a stateside film festival that recognizes the highest aspirations of animation as a cinematic art form has long been a dream of GKIDS. We are thrilled…[to] bring exceptional animated filmmaking from around the world to audiences.”

Read More HERE.

2. Captain Underpants paves the way for low budget animation.

Captain Underpants was outsourced to Canada with a low budget of $38M. The Hollywood Reporter investigates on whether or not more animation films will be outsourced.

Read More HERE.


3. $92-Million Animation Company created by China and UK

China and the U.K. came together to create a new animation company called Lanzu that will unlock $92 million of production! 

Read More HERE.

4. Blackpills Launches New Animation Studio for Adults

Blackpills has created a new animation studio specific to adult animations, a growing genre. 

Read More HERE.

5. Bink had a BIRTHDAY!

Our final news? Bink turned 1 years old! Thank you to everyone who has been following our Bink story and we hope to share more Bink news in the near future. 


Variety’s 2017 10 Animators to Watch: Arthur de Pins

A few weeks ago Variety came out with their Top 10 Animators to Watch in 2017. We were impressed with their selection and wanted to begin profiling the animators along with their work on the blog! First up we have Arthur de Pins, a french animator and cartoonist. 

Arthur de Pins has made several successful shorts, TV pilots, animated commercials, and character designs. His career took off when he began creating comics and became known for his expressive characters and colorful scenes. 

His first comic series was called Péchés Mignons, which followed the love adventures of Arthur and Clara. The graphic novels gained popularity among young adults in France. 

After several years of cartooning, he decided to turn to animation and created his first 5 minute short called The Crab Revolution. A story about a tragedy that affects a species of crabs, and they can't turn back to their colony and need to find a new leader. The short is in black and white, yet still has style. 


Pins most recent piece of work is Zombillenium, his first feature, which released last month at Cannes. The film was applauded for its impressive animation and design. The Hollywood Reporter noted that the film had "dazzling visuals, a hyper-seamless melding of 3D rendering and 2D design that extracts lines and shadows from the figures but still has an extraordinary fluidity". 

With all his international success, we're not shocked Arthur de Pins was considered one of the top 10 animators to watch in 2017.


June's Popular Animation Channels!

Happy June! It's time for another installment of Popular YouTube Channels we'd like to showcase! Channels are selected based on their high viewership and subscribers. Lets get to it!

Super Planet Dolan

Daniel James Johnson, aka Planet Dolan is an Australian YouTuber who began his channel in 2014 to animate trivia games which were narrated by animated characters. Once his channel grew in enough popularity he started his own production company called Danger Dolan Pty Ltd -- and even hired actors to narrate his videos!

Subscribers: 1,641,786
Views: 226,648,596

Check out a video of 10 Dolan Life Mysteries About Earth HERE.

Shut Up! Cartoons

Subscribers: 2,012,795
Views: 387,748,826

Shut Up! Cartoons was created by Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox and Barry Blumberg in 2012. They first launched with a popular do's and don't video, which lead to full on animation series. So far, they've had 18 series on their channel, each lasting 10 episodes.

Check out a video about b(read)heads HERE.



Subscribers: 2,644,677
Views: 423,687,060

Egoraptor aka Arin Joseph Hanson is a animator, cartoonist, comedian, voice actor, songwriter, and rapper. When not creating videos for his person animation channel he can be found animating projects for larger companies, including MTV. Hanson's rap career isn't doing to bad either, in 2016 he preformed at SXSW.

Check out a video of from his "awesome series" HERE.