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Sail to the Moon with Us

There is a reason our logo is a ship sailing to the moon. Ships opened up the world for us. They allowed us to encircle the globe only limited by human endurance and imagination. It took the best craftsmen, the most resilient crew, and the most visionary explorers to make this happen. We believe that great animation demands a similar synergy of craft, commitment, and innovation. To sail your concept into the uncharted reaches of the heart, mind, and imagination, we deliver a crew of animators united by exceptional talent, passion, and vision.  

We create memorable characters, imaginative stories, and eye-catching design through a detailed focus on all phases of production from storyboarding to final editing.  

We know how to touch the imagination, which is why Nielsen ranked our Toys”R”Us holiday ad among the Top Five Most Memorable Holiday Ads of 2014.

We are proud of that achievement, but prouder of what it represents: a tireless dedication to going above and beyond client expectations.

3D Animation Services

Everything starts with a commitment to personal client service. Whether you need us to manage your project, or you need dedicated 3D animators to support your production, we deliver highly adaptable crews customized around your project scope and scale.

Concept Art
Rough Layout

Character Rigging
Character Animation
Character Effects/Simulations

Final Rendering
Matte Painting
Music/Sound Effects

Animation Passion

Animation is not our job but our passion. While some studios “do animation,” we craft unforgettable stories around your concept and across the Animation Service Spectrum. Whether you are a film studio, a video game developer, or an ad agency, we at Eric Miller Animation Studios look forward to bringing your vision to life. 

We Make Animation For...

Features & Short Films
TV & Web Series
Title Sequences

Game Cinematics
Explainer Videos
Music Videos
And more!